New Orleans native Birdman kicks off Spring TV in his #1 Stunna’s from Birdman Lugz.

Remember – The World is Yours – Real Stunna’s Never fold.

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Spring 2005 Print Ad featuring Baby with his new #1 Stunna by Birdman Lugz.

Birdman Lugz – Never Fold!

Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster  Flex says “It’s Going Down…..” in this TV spot featuring Flex and the new FMF Driving Shoe from Lugz – the FMF Super Sport. When Flex gets things started – check out what he has on his life in the garage. Lugz FMF Super Sport.

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Funk Flex’s Print Ad features the FMF Super Sport Lugz Driving Shoe …. Get in…

For Fall 2005, Funkmaster Flex is back with a new FMF Lugz Driving Shoe – the FMF Turbo. See flex in his FMF Turbo’s, his FMF Team Baurtwell Car as his “Driving Shoe Meets Street”. Lugz FMF Turbo, LUGZ Velocity – Lugz Driving Shoes.

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Holiday 2005 Lugz print ad

Holiday 2005 Print Ad

Baby introduces his new sneaker, the Birdman Falcon along wit his new boot from Lugz, the Hood Rich.

Birdman Lugz. Believe that.

Lugz Visor and the Lugz Roadster

Holiday 2005 Print Ad

Sleek, low profile driving shoes from Lugz are featured in this Print Ad for Holiday. Check out the Lugz Visor and the Lugz Roadster. And who is that in the limo with our boys??