Spring Funkmaster

Lugz blasts off in 2003 with the Funkmaster Flex FMF-1 Driving Shoe. Funk Flex breaks it down for the Queen Bee – Lil’ Kim on this Lugz Radio Spot. Street Flossin’, Car Culture and Hip Hop is what it is all about. And now add Lugz and the FMF-1 Driving Shoe.

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The Flex

In Fall, Funk Flex designs another smash – “The Flex” Driving Shoe. The print ad not only features Flex in his Lugz “Flex” Driving Shoe, you also get a chance to check out some of his Team Baurtwell cars that made Flex the custom car fanatic that he is – in addition to the #1 radio DJ personality.

Funkmaster Flex is joined by Juelz Santana of the Diplomats for a hot radio spot. Step in the club – Dipsets in the Club – stepping in Lugz. Sleek and Sharp – the new Funk Lugz Driving Shoe …. Hit the pedal!

30 second spot

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60 second spot

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Holiday Funkmaster

For Holiday, Funkmaster Flex is bigger than life – in the animated spot of Funk Flex high above the city doing what he does best – spinning…. in his new Lugz Vantage Driving Shoes. But check it out – what is he spinning? Remember…. The Streets is Ours – sleek and sharp!

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And look at the Lugz Holiday Print Ad presenting Funkmaster Flex in his hot new Lugz driving shoe – the Vantage.

Click here to see the 1-page Print Advertisement.

Click here to see the 2-page Spread Print Advertisement.

Flex gets Harlem’s favorite, Cam’ron, to join him on this radio spot that features the Lugz Vantage Driving Shoe. Get your new Lugz – thugz – Flex – and Cam’ron!

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10 years

In 2003, Lugz celebrates 10 years of shoes built for the city. Lugz emerged onto the hip hop scene in 1993 as the urban footwear brand of choice. During these 10 years, Lugz footwear has worked with the best artists that hip hop has to offer- from our first endorser Erick Sermon, to Rakim, Master P, Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Kid Capri, to Funkmaster Flex.

As Lugz celebrated its 10 years, check out who came out to support Lugz at our big bash – Funk Flex, Kid Capri, Jazzy Joyce, Donovan McNabb, Sean Paul, Doctor Dre – to legendary leaders of Hip Hop – Kool Herc, Cold Crush Brothers, Awesome 2, and Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew.