De La Soul

2001 for Lugz boots and shoes was another endorsements and product filled year.

We started off wit the legendary Strong Island sounds of De La Soul – carrying the beat for our I.X.L. animated television spot. You remember our famous Lugz “blue” man. De La Soul teamed up with “blue” man and gave us an amazing spot.

MP3 – Listen – 393KB

Real Media – Listen – 353KB

Next – KRS-1 spoke to us – as only the teacher can…. GET YOURSELF UP…. and remember, Rap is something you do and Hip Hop is something you live.

MP3 – Listen – 1.9MB

Real Media – Listen – 313KB

Our human beatbox man, Rahzel, is not to be forgotten either…. He gave us a little L to the U to the G to the Z! LUGZ!

MP3 – Listen – 357KB

Real Media – Listen – 63KB

Holiday SM

And by Holiday – the hottest DJ out there, Funkmaster Flex, joined the Lugz family. Check him out in his Dub slip on Lugz! Flex prefers the wheat nubuck Lugz Shoe.

DJ’s Big Cap and Cipher Sounds join Flex sitting rooftop and spinning – all while shouting out to Lugz.

10 second version

Windows Media File – Watch – 532KB

Real Media File – Watch – 1.2MB

30 second version

Windows Media File – Watch – 1.5MB

Real Media File – Watch – 3.2MB

Always the positive minded – Pharoahe Monch rocks Lugz boots and shoes too – and radio is his platform to show his love for Lugz.

MP3 – Listen – 456KB

Real Media – Listen – 74KB