Lugz Launces Lugz.com

Lugz launches extraordinary web site.

February 2000, Lugz.com is launched and forever changes the way footwear websites are viewed. Comprehensive, entertaining, and interactive. Lugz.com is established as a leader in the footwear genre.


Extra, Extra, Anakii has entered the building again…

Anakii, star of the Lugz holiday ’99 television spot is back for spring 2000 to “Decide” & “Conquer” even more obstacles. This time Anakii brings a surprise guest, as DJ Kid Capri holds it down on the boards and produces the blazing track that plays in the background. Kid hooked up with Anakii for a late night studio session in New York and together they came up with one of the phattest advertisements you’ll ever see. Check the duo of Kid Capri and Anakii on this hot spot from Lugz.

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Lugz goes Hollywood?

Oh, you didn’t know? Lugz has gone undercover with the bad boys of police work, detectives “Decide” and “Conquer”. Lugz in association with, well Lugz, produces this made for magazines print ad starring cinematic newcomers “Decide” and “Conquer”. According to Hollywood insiders both “Decide” and “Conquer” will be nominated for ‘Best Actor In A Print Ad’ for their stunning performances as two cops wearing Lugz, doing cop work. When Decide was contacted at his New York home after being nominated, he went into tears stating, “I want to thank my momma, daddy, and my little brother Undecided, and all the homies on the 41st side of Queens.” Conquer could not be reached for comment, he is still recovering in a LA hospital from an injury suffered during the shooting of this print ad.

Lugz was also nominated for ‘Best Use Of New Shoe Imagery To Get People To Buy More Shoes, In A Print Ad.’ When contacted, Lugz representatives would not comment, but they did however release the following statement to the press. “Lugz wishes the guys good luck in their nominations, but let’s keep it real, we just want as many people as possible to check out the print ad!”


40 Water Sprinkles Lugz Again

Spring 2000
40 Water Sprinkles Lugz Again…

E-40 and The Click let you know that it really don’t matter where you stay, as long as you rock fresh Lugz everyday!

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The motto of this Pharoahe Monch spot: “Decide & Conquer”

Queens native Pharoache Monch gives it up for the L-U-G-Z again with another phenomenal spot. Pharoache delivers a positive message about following your hopes and dreams, so don’t just listen to him, HEAR him.

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Lug it up with Slum Village

The Detroit trio of Jay-Dee, T3, and Baatin, collectively known as Slum Village rep for Lugz on this gem of a track. So be like Slum Village and Lug it up with fresh boots from the Lugz Fall 2000 collection.

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You know what Lugz is

Slum Village is at it once again, putting it down for Lugz on this Fall 2000 radio spot which is sure to be a Lugz classic. For all you “Kollage” fans, Philly’s Queen, Bahamadia makes a surprise guest appearance which solidifies her status as the Queen of underground Hip-Hop. Much respect goes to the Slum and Bahamadia for holding it down for Lugz.

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Latin Sensation George Lamond, does it for Lugz Salsa style

Former freestyle king and current Salsa sensation George Lamond, makes a hot Spanish language radio spot for Lugz. The spot will air in his native Puerto Rico, as well as here on lugz.com. Come hear Lamond as he represents for all the true Boriquas.

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Holiday spots from Slum Village and De La Soul

Slum Village:

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De La Soul:

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