KRS One hands Lugz a live radio spot

From the mind and mouth of the man who considers himself Hip-Hop manifested as KRS One, comes a ridiculously hot but still conscience radio spot. Where the teacher, scholar, and poet urges you to “wake up”.

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The Boogie Down’s hip hop ambassador returns to his roots

Here is another side of Kris many of you did not know. Check out this ill tag from hip-hop’s cultural ambassador. This was the first in a series of Lugz print ads that gave props to the origins and the essence of Hip- Hop.



Hip hop’s number one DJ gives props to the past

Kid Capri, hip-hop beat maker and jazz legend Max Roach make you realize where the hot tracks all come from. These two music makers are truly crowd motivators.



Old School Vs. New School (Nicholas Brothers & NYC Breakers)

Don’t you wish we could actually make this happen? Check out the high flying Nicholas brothers with the body rocking NYC Breakers. The late 70’s in the Bronx may be considered the birth of hip hop, but as you can clearly see the influences started long before that.



Lugz Celebrates 20 years of hip Hop

And they said it would not last, they said it was a passing fad. Lugz gives props to the movement that would not stop. Hip Hop now and forever, 79′-99′ and it won’t stop.

20 years


These kids are passing the rhyme like kats used to pass the P’s

Whether its on the corner singing doo wap in four point harmony or rhyme battling in the cypha, guys always find ways to express themselves through music. The culture in one form or another has always been around. …and it don’t stop.



Check these Lugz endorsers when they thought the camera wasn’t on…

Now you really did not think these guys stayed in character all the time. Check out Kid Capri, KRS One, and the NYC breakers on the sets of their photo shoots for Lugz.

Off Camera                            


The Last Poets give a lesson in hip hop history

Do you know your hip-hop history? Do you realize the origins of hip-hop are in jazz, doo wap, and funk music? Remember, the cipher continues, what is, always was, and will continue to be. Listen as the Last Poets give you the low down on Hip-Hop History 101.

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Lugz previews Fall 99 Fashions at Vibe Style

Watch as this star-studded lineup models the Fall collection from Lugz. Among the models are Malik Yoba, Kid Capri, and the NYC Breakers.

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On the road with the Lugz National Barbershop Tour

Lugz does it once again as we kick off the 99 National Barbershop Tour in New York and Chicago. The events were a success with a ton of support from all those who came down to hang out. The Source Van came to kick it with Lugz, along with Hot 97 New York. Free hair cuts, and prizes were given out to everyone who came through. Skeletor and the squad from Hot 97 New York, were in the house. Ramonski Luv from WGCI Chicago, gave us shout outs on the radio when we were at the shops in Chi-town. Rampage came through one of the New York shops, as did Maseo from De La Soul.

Barber shop

Among the shops participating:

Phase One  New York
Udjat  New York
J Luv’s Spot  New York
Barber World  New York
Nu Tribe  New York
Level’s  New York
Big Russ Barbershop  New York
Low Down Records and Barbershop  Chicago
M & M Hair Design  Chicago
In the Cut  Chicago
Ron’s Place  Chicago
Celebrity Hair Design  Chicago
Ultimate Kutz  Chicago
Sims  Chicago
Hair Styling and Profiling  Chicago

Barber shop tour 2


TLight heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins before his fight

Before he took out his opponent, Bernard Hopkins made sure to rock Lugz, at the pre-fight press conference. Look for this knock out artist in 2000 and as always, he’ll be wearing Lugz.




With Fantm Sklz, Lugz does it once again

Always innovative with advertising and marketing, Lugz once again stays a step ahead of the game with the introduction of the “Decide” & “Conquer” campaign. Using state of the art 3D digital animation, this ad helped Lugz stand out from the competition. Check out our hero Phatam Skillz as he rocks his Lugz “Flint” boots through his virtual world.



Simon Says where your Lugz at? (actually it’s Pharoahe Monch)

Former Organized Konfusion front man Pharoahe Monch scores a huge hit with ‘Simon Say’s’ and in the process blesses Lugz with blazing audio for radio and television. Listen to Pharoahe Monch as he busts his flow.

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Do you smell what Lugz and the WWF are cooking?

Check out the superstars of the WWF, hanging out with some of the Lugz crew at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. You can continue to see the WWF and Lugz put it down every week on all the WWF shows and each Thursday night on, “The boot of the week.”



The TATS crew tags it up for Lugz

The world famous TATS crew from the Boogie Down Bronx, in affiliation with Stress magazine put together these illmatic graf walls for Lugz. Just check the tags on these and you’ll know why they’re #1.



Chi-towns golden boy gives it up for Lugz

Profound shows Lugz love by donning Lugz warm ups for his promotional photo shoot.



Welcome to the world of the one called…. Anakii

Following the success of the Phatam Skillz ad comes Lugz newest hero Anakii. He lives in a world that is totally futuristic to say the least. On his quest to find his prize, he has to dodge obstacles many of us could not dream of. Luckily for him, he is wearing a fresh pair of Lugz “Rustler lo with strap”, they help him to “Decide” & “Conquer” his way to victory.


Audio CHUB

50 Cent, How to rob an industry? (footwear that is….)

From the kat that knows the “Power of the Dolla”, comes the radio spot that gives praises to the L_U_G_Z. Who better than this kid to show you how to decide and conquer, when he conquered the entire hip-hop industry with one record.

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Chicago’s native son makes his ‘Profound’ debut

Profoundly talented, this lyricist from Chi-town’s Southside makes his Lugz debut after winning a recording contract with Loud records. Make sure you watch this shinning star for 2000 and beyond.

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