Lugz Hustlers

As the saying goes – “Pick a color, any color”. Lugz changed the face of the traditional gum soled shoe with their version called the “Hustler”, offering many different colors for that perfect “hook up”.



Loft TV Spot

Lugz launches its first national television spot. Fantasy or Nightmare???? You be the judge! Did your shorty ever jack your clothes??

MOV format – Watch – 6.5MB


DJ Scribble – Album Cover

Lugz has been hanging with Skribble from back in the days – while he was living in “Strong Island” working the club scene!



Kid Capri – Boot Campaign

Lugz family member, the famed DJ Kid Capri, shows us his Spring gear and boots while getting ready to pump up another party at one of New York’s hot club scenes.



Kid Capri – Kid Capri radio commercial

We all want to know the “411” – check out Capri’s spot for the inside stuff on Lugz!

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Rickey Watters – Athletic Shoes

NFL Player Ricky Watters, who was with Philadelphia Eagles at the time of this shoot, shown here in Central Park, NYC. For this photo, we found out he was missing his bike, since he had to leave it on the West Coast, we thought we’d bring a replica to the shoot to make him feel at home! Many of you might not know what a fan Ricky is of Hip Hop – did you know he performed on MTV with Method Man?



Rucker’s / Lugz Allstars – Fashion Show

Lugz sponsored basketball team “LUGZ ALLSTARS” represented at the Ruckers Games held in Harlem each summer. Streetball hero Malloy “The Future” Nesmith featured in uniform ready for play. Lugz also participated in the end of the season Fashion Show.



Bathroom TV Spot

Lugz comes back with its second national television spot of the year. Look who’s dropping in – yes it’s Doctor Dre’.

ASF format – Watch – 196KB


Snoop Doggy Dog – Classics Collection

Snoop invites us to his home to show off his Lugz. Yes, that is his Hummer behind him.



Malik Yoba – Boot Collection

Actor Malik Yoba, hot off the New York Undercover set, shown here at the East Side Heliport in New York with a “mysterious” lady – looks like he’s ready to serenade her. Did you know Malik’s true love is playing his guitar?



Howard University/Source Fashion Nation Tour

Lugz teamed up with Source Magazine for the Fashion Nation Tour at Howard University. Lugz spent the day at the Student Hall rapping to students as well as getting input on new product ideas, ending the day with a fashion show, featuring all the latest in Lugz fashions.



Ed Lover – Athletic Shoes

Ed Lover checks out the New York City skyline while sporting his Lugz. Partner, Doctor Dre’, makes his appearance in our fall television commercial. Check it out.


Behind the scene with Ed Lover – deep in thought.



Ed Lover Radio commercial

No one ever doubted Ed Lover’s quick sense of humor!

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Real Media – Listen – 788KB


Chubb Rock chills in Harlem World

The Chubbster gives much love to the L-U-G-Z as he wears Lugz gear for the cover of his 1997 LP. Shot on the streets of Harlem’s famous 125th St., Chubb gives it up for “Uptown” and Lugz.


Audio CHUB

Chubb Rock radio spot

Hip Hop Pioneer Chubb Rock joins the Lugz Family in his first in a series of radio commercials.

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West 4th Crew – Denim

Streetball hotshot Malloy “The Future” Nesmith, along with his crew, check out the action at the West 4th Street courts in New York City. Lugz sponsored their own basketball team during the legendary “Rucker” Games held in Harlem each summer. “The Future”, along with his crew, represented the Lugz team.



Snoop Dogg Holiday Classics/Single page

Snoop lays down tracks for his new album, wearing his Lugz, while in his home recording studio.



Snoop Dogg Holiday Athletic Spread

Snoop couldn’t resist this little beauty of a car when he saw someone drive up to the convenience store he was in. He had to buy it on the spot! He shows off his car, his Lugz and his great view of the mountains from his house.



Daz of the Dogg Pound

Daz wanted to show Snoop that he also represents in his Lugz Hustlers.



Rakim – Boot Collection

Legendary Rakim shared a moment with us at the Museum for African Art, New York City.



Freeze Luv Spot

Produced by Chubb Rock, his protegee Freeze Luv does his thing for Lugz.

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