Lugz Athletic Shoe – The Carbine

Lugz launches its first athletic shoe, called The Carbine. This particular high top athletic shoe featured a very unique “clear” outsole. We also released the same shoe with more traditional gum outsoles. This was the introduction of Lugz Athletics.



D’Angelo with the Dirty Souls – Athletic Shoes

R&B Crooner D’Angelo working his magic at one of the great jazz clubs in New York City. He was accompanied by the Dirty Souls – his own group he was trying to launch. This print campaign played a major role for Lugz. Not only was D’Angelo the first artist Lugz worked with outside of the “Def Squad” Camp, he was the first artist featured wearing the athletic line.


Some behind the scene shots from the Lugz Photo Shoot.



D’Angelo with the Dirty Souls – Boots

D’Angelo and the Dirty Souls returned to a local New York City “loft” to help promote our line of Lugz Boots.



Lou looks for a “Corn Dog” and gets Health Food?

Lou, is the defender of Lugz and everything else considered to be way cool by the masses.

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Kid Capri with I.G. Off and Hazadus

IT’S THE KIIIIIIIIIIID CAPRI! DJ extraordinaire Kid Capri joins the Lugz family in his first print ad for us. He sports our athletic line, along with I.G. Off and Hazadus at one of the elite health clubs in New York City.


Hip Hop’s number one DJ, the Kid Capri, caught by the cameras in his fly Lugz leather jacket.



Kid Capri Radio Commercial

DJ Kid Capri let’s the world know he is down with Lugz!

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AZ – Boot Campaign

Hip Hop Artist AZ, representing Queens to the fullest, poses for Lugz with his fly leather jacket, accessorized with his Lugz boots.



Fu-Schnickens Radio Commercial

Fu-Schnickens return to rock their Lugz – Reggae Style!

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Lugz City Classics Collection

Lugz launches it’s line of “back in the days” favorite classics – Lugz Style. This was the very beginning for the Lugz Hustler, which was about to explode.



Space Cadet Lou, back from “Uranus”

Even in deep space Lou finds that there are those who are after his Lugz. But come on Lou, do you really expect us to believe you had a close encounter of the Lugz stealing kind?

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Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’

From Yo! MTV Fame, the hilarious and talented team of Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’ ham it up at New York City hotspot “NV”‘s. This team went on to do other projects with Lugz that included additional print, television and radio, as well as being one of the first radio dj teams to do “live” on air commercial spots for Lugz on New York’s Hip Hop Radio Station Hot 97.


Check out this billboard that features Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’s at Dr. Jay’s in the Bronx, New York.



Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’ Radio Spot

Ed Lover lets you know about his favorite items from the Lugz line, while Dre’ keeps those phat beats coming.

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AZ Radio Commercial

AZ gives you a laid back feel to this spot; will have you chillin’ with him and his Lugz before it’s over.

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