What you wearing Erick Sermon?

A more mellow Erick Sermon returned to the airwaves for Lugz in 1995. A phenomenal producer, he was always evolving the sound for Lugz utilizing fresh beats and lyrics to get his message across.

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Lou shows how much he really loves Lugz

Lou really loves Lugz; even for $4.50 an hour he won’t sell out to the “man” and stop wearing his Lugz.

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Springtime with Erick Sermon and Keith Murray

For Spring ’95, Erick brought Keith Murray into the picture, literally. Although it was a spring ad, it was shot on the streets of New York on one of the coldest days in December. Erick and Keith were great – they just kept working it.



Lou gets a new “tattoo”

Would you really let someone inexperienced practice tattoo artistry on you? Well I guess if you’re Lou, having someone write “WOW” on your body instead of “MOM” is OK.

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It be the gear called Lugz for the Fu Schnickens

The Fu Schnickens contributed their smooth stylin to their radio spot promoting Lugz. “If you ain’t wearin’ Lugz then you ain’t stylin” could be heard blarin’ from car radios during the Fall of ’95.

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Someplace in New Jersey

Members of the Def Squad, Redman and Keith Murray stepped forward to present the Fall 95 Lugz collection.



Eric Sermon represents for Lugz, “Once Again”

The Green-Eyed Bandit holds it down once again for the L-U-G-Z, by both producing and rhyming for this spot.

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Keith Murray and Redman present Holiday Dressing

Keith and Redman represent the holiday selection of Lugz boots and apparel.



Supersize Lugz with Keith and Redman

Redman and Keith Murrary look down on the crowds from high above the street at 149th and 3rd avenue in the Bronx.