Erick Sermon Says “Wear your Lugz”

In 1994 Erick Sermon became the first endorser for the new Lugz brand. Half of the incredible EPMD and fearless leader of the Def Squad, this talented producer and artist created an original radio spot for us and Lugz hit the airwaves in a big way.

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Lou stars in “Can’t Get In”

Don’t be like Lou’s homeboy Jeff! Always sport your Lugz and you fit in wherever.

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Lou describes this “Killerband”

Now after hearing this spot you’ll do the right thing and only wear authentic Lugz, by the New York Lug Company.

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Lou’s little brother is a “Dork” no more

Now if Lugz can change Lou’s dorky little brother into “da man”, imagine what a spankin’ new pair could do for you!

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Erick Sermon chills in Brooklyn

By Fall 1994, Sermon appeared in magazine ads. By then, Lugz had grown beyond our two original boots and we needed to show everyone our fresh styles. Shot on the streets of Brooklyn, the ‘Green Eyed Bandit’ represented Lugz boots and jeans and gave tremendous credibility to the new urban brand.



Erick Sermon…. continued

Erick Sermon sported a new outfit and represented Lugz in ads that appeared in the Source Magazine.



Green Eyed Bandit

Everywhere you looked, the Green Eyed Bandit could be found. Lugz went right to the streets, putting a floating Erick Sermon head in major markets across the country. Some posters stayed up for over a year as a weathered Sermon looked out over the streets of cities like New York and Chicago.



Erick Sermon and crew just “Hanging Out”

Following up the success of the first radio spot, Sermon, with the help of Def Squad members Redman and Keith Murray, created yet another amazing spot.

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Our mash pit regular – Lou

Lou – shows off his Lugz Gear in ads for Spin Magazine.



Lou reminisces about this “Venus in Leather”

Now can you tell whether it’s the fly girl that Lou’s in love with or her Lugz boots?

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